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DO YOU NEED THE NUDGE? The nudge is what we do. Inherently most people want to be fit and healthy and sometimes they just require a little nudge and the right environment to get started, that’s what we provide and when needed we can offer a bloody big shove… But that doesn’t happen very often!

170.1 kilo’s

total weight lost in Charity 2016 Challenge

347 lives

transformed forever

Some history about the XFat Challenge.

In 2012 we did the Iskander Challenge, fronted by Bali’s much loved and tireless charity fund-raiser, Christina Iskander.

The target was to raise Rp 200 million to purchase a bus for the kids from YPAC, which supports severely disabled children.

We developed the Iskander Challenge – A 12 week nutrition and fitness program that saw Christina shed a staggering 22 kilo’s and gain extraordinary health benefits while the kid’s received their desperately needed bus.

We then beamed into a micro-group of long term expats that had seriously brutalised their bodies and had real health issues as a result.