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Charity 2016 | Lauren & Madi – that’s a wrap!

From Team Friends of Lembongan – Lauren and Madi, two of Charity 2016’s youngest contestants, give us the down low on how and why… They were both chuffed with they results at the final weigh in today, in their own words “I’m in , I’m hooked, this is a lifestyle change!”

Two vegan, young gun go-getter’s have learnt more than the fact their bodies move movement, they’ve become more educated about food and nutrition and why their vegan butt’s kept stacking on the centimetres from all that tofu!

They’ve also met some great new friends and connected with people from different walks of life. Lauren & Madi took to a number of crazy fitness options including boxing, hip hop dancing and surfing, they’ll try anything once and loved every moment of it.

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