This life changing challenge aims to improve the lives of 22 hand picked contestants – both male and female – to create dynamic role models for everyone and to raise Rp 1 billion for registered Bali charities – Bali Children FoundationBali Pink Ribbon, Friends of Lembongan and Solemen.

The XFAT Challenge – CHARITY 2016 will crackle with tension and sizzle with excitement as 23 contestants face down their gourmet lifestyle during this unique 12-week social media celebration.

Online and real audiences everywhere will laugh and cry as the contestants fight their way back to being the slim and chic ingénues of old.

The XFat Challenge will call for applications from its membership and sponsors in Bali, Australia and beyond to be part of the paring down.

Sponsors are encouraged to put forward their own contestant while our panel will hand pick the remaining contestants who, at a glamorous event on September 17th at Peppers Resort , will be matched with their supporting sponsor.

The Stats

  • 23 People

  • 23 Sponsors

  • 4 charities

  • 12 weeks

The Coach

Chris Dufey

Fat Loss Specialist

Ice Cream Lover

Now these matches made in heaven will go on to compete the XFAT Challenge ‘Charity 2016’ starting on September 19th to culminate 12 weeks later on December 12th with a swanky reveal event at AZUL Beach Club in Legian.

Contestants will aim to secure the top results in four categories; Overall Transformation, Charity Awareness, Social Media Prowess, Commitment plus produce an essay of their personal journey.

A big thanks to our 2016 Charity Challenge Sponsors.

Proudly supporting Bali charities.

2016 Charity Challenge

Our target – 1 Billion Rupiah. Our aim – Raise money and awareness through health, fitness and wellness to change not only our contestants lives but the lives of many children and disadvantaged people in Bali.

All 4 of this years charities do amazing work on the island providing support, assistance and hope. Their tireless efforts require much needed funding to make sure this can happen. To check out our charities click here – all funds go directly to Bali Children Foundation and the total raised is separated evenly at the end of the challenge.


Rp 145,000,000

One hundred and forty-five million rupiah
Approx AUD $14,500


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