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Charity 2016 Launch Video

The ultimate lifestyle XFat Challenge Bali is on again!

Bali will is being rocked by the major lifestyle shake up XFat Challenge that kicked off for it’s second charity challenge last Saturday at the beautiful Peppers Seminyak.

Twenty Four of Bali’s best-known partiers, bizoids and players launched into round two where shocking habits will be cast under the microscope and turned around.

The endless flow of chilled cocktails at sunset, fine dining restaurants, nightclubs and cigarettes will cease for 24 individuals who are searching for a better way to live.

Under the XFat Challenge banner, this unique group of accomplished and entertaining personalities will face down their many demons and addictions while casting aside terrible eating habits and embracing a life of exercise and wellness while raising funds for four leading charities.

Some of Bali’s best community minded businesses such as the glamorous Azul Beach Club, hot shopping destination Seminyak Village, the legendary Biku Restaurant and new Ungasan venue Sunday’s Beach Club are supporting this initiative as sponsors.

While the aim of the 12 week program is to tone up, slim down and improve the overall health of this diverse group (which includes the much-loved entrepreneur Sally Se and Robert Epstone – Bali’s bare-foot and dreadlocked founder of the local charity Solemen),  the challenge is an important fund raiser for the island.

Charities nominated are Bali Children Foundation, Bali Pink Ribbon, Friends of Lembongan and Solemen as the beneficiaries for the XFat Challenge : Charity 2016.

XFat Charity 2016 will leave Biggest Loser crying in a corner. Split into four teams paired to a charity, the challengers are supported by a team of personal trainers, yoga instructors, professional motivators and nutritionists to help manage withdrawal from their old unhealthy ways.

Will one a member of the wine-starved Team Pink Ribbon get into that bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc mysteriously found on her doorstep on a Friday evening?

Will an anonymous pizza delivery throw Team BCF into guilty shame on the eve of the final weigh in?

Please like, follow and share us  to find out more about what is shaping up to again be Bali’s social media event of the year.

To register your interest for next year’s XFat Resolution Challenge.  www.xfatchallenge.com/register


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