Rob Peetoom opened his first Hair spa in Bali on 2011 at the buzz area Seminyak, Petitenget. A place to indulge the senses and feel the spiritualism. A location that invites you to enjoy long and luxurious hair, beauty and wellbeing,Rob Peetoom a name synonymous with and renowned for beautiful hair.

Also makeup and beauty care are important factors that determine the personal aura of a woman. That is why all of the 13 salon in Holland of Rob Peetoom are hair +makeup or hair + beauty salons.

After choosing a site that suited the project, rob and his personal architect Ruud van Oosterhout travelled around Bali taking in the Balinese culture and looking at the type of local building materials used in the constructions of temples and houses. The object being to source eco friendly materials, that would keep within the perceived architecture and designs of the island.

Inspired by the village communal style living of the Balinese, the eventual design by Ruud van Oosterhout was achieved in a 3 buildings complex with roofs supported by long posts of various heights and sizes floating in a reservoir of water with stepping-stones for connection and overflowing into the rice paddies that are a mayor feature of Bali. In trying to respect the local culture, use was made of local materials and workforce to stimulate the economy, the buildings are of recyclable products such as bamboo, stone and clay combined with local wood sorts.

In the spa areas we did not want an air-conditioning climate so we have attempted to use of the natural flow of air with fans rather than air-conditioners. Cool and peaceful areas created by the height of the roof and the shadows of dark wood sorts. Lots of green plants soft leaves and water lily ponds enhance and form the bases for the decorative elements

Rob and Ruud are very pleased with the result of their endeavour.

Rob: “The hair spa is beautiful with just the right amount of peace and serenity.”

The exact feeling I wanted to create, to have the right atmosphere for the pure and natural treatments, which we have to offer here.

Rob Peetoom Spa + Hair + Beauty – Petitenget, Seminyak

The 2nd Salon opened on 12th August 2015. Located in the most famous beach in Bali, Kuta, as part of the Shopping Centre Complex, BEACHWALK.

Situated in the 3rd floor, give the design the advantage of sea view for the hair treatment area. Much smaller but compact, the salon answered to all your hair and beauty need with room for body massage as well.

The location is perfect for many Indonesian that lives in Bali, as its their major meeting point in Bali. The shopping centre is also major attraction for asian tourist such as Japan, middle east, and India.